Cells address book access

I have the address book disabled site-wide, and for a specific group (both on All Workspaces and Shared Cells). But if I add any of the users from that group to a Cell, and allow them to add files, then they get access to sharing and the address book.

Is there any way to add a user to a Cell, allow them to add files, but not allow them to share the cell or to see other users?


This documentation could have what you are looking for, visibility and shared with are ambiguous tabs (we are working on a way to make them more user-friendly).


ahh, I had looked in the Admin guide about permissions/sharing, but hadn’t seen this page, thanks. So Visibility is about viewing the item, and editing permissions. And Shared with is for reading the item (the same as viewing?), and modifying the item.

Initially when testing this it seemed that setting modify allowed editing permissions, but now I’ve tested again ensuring the visibility settings are not set, it works as described. This fixes my problem.

I guess it’s not possible to have share access without having access to the address book, but in that case I feel the address book setting should override the edit setting.

I also noticed, my username is adurant with the name Andy for another user this displays like this:
It appears this comes from having read access for the share, as I also saw this for another user when I added them to read, in which case read and view are the same thing. It just seems slightly strange to use name and username in the same list.

One last thing, Enabling creating Cells (All Plugins > Auth > Delegation > Let users create new cells) when having Sharing Features (All Plugins > Sharing Features) turned off, meas the ‘Create Cell’ button appears in the frontend, but produces console errors as something isn’t loaded that it needs.