Link in the share column

Install on Apache, in a Centos 7 server, pydio version pydio-6.0.8-1.src.rpm

We want to use this server to store images, pictures etc, which we can then use in forums, blogs etc.

I have the following issue. I need to provide my coworkers with a share link, which they can copy and include in a thread in a forum or in general in the web. We do not need the download code, we need a direct link to the file we have uploaded. As it works now, a file uploaded generates an HTML Embed Code, of this form:

<a href=''>Download 07_604.jpg</a>

This is the download link, but that is NOT what I need. What I want to see there is just:

In other words a direct link which works when entered anywhere on the internet.

I had search the knowledge base in here and I came up with this thread. We tried modifying the file as suggested, however doesn’t seem to work.

Can someone please provide me with the file that needs to be changed and what the changes should be, in order to get the result I am looking for?

Many thanks for your attention,

A Pydio newbie!

i would advise you to install pydio 8, because the sharing links have been changed
you can download it here and put it on your webserver otherwise
you can also follow this guide on how to install pydio on Centos.