[solved] Can the inactive timeout be changed?

I notice that if I leave Pydio open for a while, I get a message asking if I’m still there and it logs me out if I don’t click in a certain timeframe. This really messes up my site that uses auth,remote - the user gets taken to the Pydio login page which is not helpful (since the user’s password is not stored in Pydio.) The user would have to go back to my main site, log out and in again.

Can this timeout be disabled or the limit changed? (Ideally without mucking with the code.) Thanks.

Pydio 8.0.2 on Linux

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Try to set this param in: Pydio >> Settings >> All available plugins >> Action plugin >> GUI >> Client Plugin >> Web session

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Thanks! That plugin didn’t show initially for me until I “refreshed” the plugin cache.