User logged out when leaving window for only a minute

I’m getting logged out of Pydio Cells when leaving the window for only a minute, even during uploads (which cancels the upload…).

I’ve tried increasing the GUI session timeout like in this issue, from 24 to 48 but that didn’t work.

I’m running the Pydio Cells Home Edition in a docker container, version 3.0.7. I’m opening the website in a chrome browser on Mac.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Hello @fredrikburmester , welcome to the forum.

Usually this kind of behavior indicates an issue with the internal clocks of the various machines, typically when the client and the server are not in sync.

Can you check if the clock of your server is correctly configure and on time?
Do you have any log on the server side?

Thank you, I’ll look into this, but it looks like the logs have the same timestamp as my clients.

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