How to change the inactive timeout on Pydio Cells?

One of my users has recently contacted me because the web interface to Pydio Cells has a too short timeout — and that means that if he has to leave his computer for a while, when he returns, he’ll have to login back again and figure out exactly where he was (we have a lot of files in our server, all of them similarly named…).

On Pydio Server, this was a setting that was easy to change: see [solved] Can the inactive timeout be changed?

How to do the same for Pydio Cells?

Note that on the Console section, under Authentication > Delegation, I had Skip interface preferences turned on, but even when turning it off, I don’t see any difference; I guess this has nothing to do with what I wish, i.e. either have a longer inactive timeout or placing the interface in the exact configuration it was before logging off (i.e. last folder visited open, same tabs open, etc.).

For now, I told the user to keep bookmarks, but that’s just not quite the same (and requires remembering to do that just before leaving the computer…).

Thanks in advance!


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