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Hey everyone, I have Pydio Cells installed on Unraid as a docker and have it fully setup except for one piece that I can’t seem to figure out. Is there a way to extend the inactivity time to more than “21” mins? It prompts me and says that you have been inactive for more than 21 mins, click anywhere to continue, or something along those lines. I am uploading a ton of data from a remote site through the web gui, and am afraid that if I don’t keep the web session open and active, that it will cancel the upload. Right now, it is “analyzing” the files to upload. Thanks!

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Hey @gilfoyle,

Have you tried using the command line Cells Client (cec)? It seems to be more practical in dealing with tons of data and saves you from a browser crash which may still happen in such a use case. I experienced this several times, at least in Firefox.


Hello @gilfoyle and welcome in the forum.

As quoted by @rotaru , you should really have a look at the cells client 1 for automated moves of large files.

That said, you can also extend the lifeSpan of the various tokens. You might have a look at this thread 2 where you can find some more insider info.

Happy file sharing!

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Hey @bsinou and @rotaru,

Thank you for your responses! I will give the Cells Client a try and see if that works better. I’m sure it will. Definitely liking Pydio Cells so far, except for this one piece, which I’m sure this will fix it. If I get time today, I will try the client out, if not, I’ll do it over the weekend. Hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend!

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