Sharing folder with team runs but doesn't appear in application and database


Windows IIS - Pydio 8.2.1 with PostgreSQL 10.6

I’ve installed Pydio 8.2.1 with a distant PostgreSQL database, and I have problem with sharing with teams :

  • When I share a folder with a team, no error but the team don’t appear on sharing properties - idem after refresh and re-log - so after process, no possibility to remove this sharing.
  • However, the folder is successfully shared : I see it if I log me as team member.
  • In the postgreSQL database, there is no entry in “ajxp_user_teams” and I don’t find any clear reference about sharing properties.
  • No problem with sharing with users and groups.

I try to de-install / re-install Pydio, install v8.2.2, use SQLite database… but the issue remains…

Please help :slight_smile:


i will test with postgre and sqlite to see if there is a specific configuration that you might have missed.


Hi zayn,

Thank you for that. I have still no solution here.


sorry if was missing, i had to do a lot of testing on pydio cells and therefore i couldn’t get on Pydio 8, i will have time starting tomorrow (because we released our next patch, meaning also the end of the sprint) and will see what’s the issue on hand.