Pydio 8 upgrade: old minisite users problem

Dear All,

this is a copy of my question asked on old forum here. Due the fact that is not yet solved, I cut and paste it here, hoping to find solution.

I’ve just upgraded from 7.x to 8.0.1 and I’m having some issue with the previously-created public links: they work correctly from outiside but I cannot see the share from inside the pydio interface when selecting the folder.

I see the share in “my shares” but, when I select the specific share, I see the “error while loading share” popup.
I can delete the share from “my shares” but I cannot re-create it with the same public link customized name

Brand new public links created from withing pydio 8.x works correctly

Has anyone experienced this?
Is there any way to fix it? Deleting the shares directly inside mysql database might be an option too :wink:

Kind Regards and TIA,


hi, sorry for the late answer
can you actually delete the shares from with pydio?

yes, from the GUI I can delete them

I’m just wondering if I can do this in batch (or even better, recreate them in batch correctly)

it’s a bit complex to do that in batch, as there are some user-specific file metadata, so each user have to fix that manually. Sorry about that, it’s the reason why we upgraded the shares :slight_smile: