Sharing direct link to image in Pydio 8

Hello, I have a fresh install of version 8, running on Ubuntu 14.04, PHP 7.

I gave up on fixing the sharing via public link, iz there a way to share a link to a jpg file (for an example) directly? I. E. http://server/something/image.jpg as it was possible in older versions?


so basically after a fresh install you could not use the public links feature ? what’s your webserver and how did you install pydio.

Latest Webmin, fresh install, downloaded from Pydio

and did you set the rewrite rules, the output_buffering off and cetera… ? also did you give the rights to www-data


Output_buffering is off
mod_rewrite working
www-data is owner with all rights

Still ends up with a 404. I am pretty sure i’m missing something…

I really would rarely use public links anyways. But if I could share the
link to the image (in this example) directly that would help me greatly.

Thanks for all the help.

and AllowOverRide parameter for the pydio directory ?

Just added it directly to the conf file. Still no luck.
Thank you all for the help, I will probably just revert to the older version.

Just asking the last thing - is there a way to share the file directly - i.e. a direct link to a JPG image or similar?

Sharing an image directly means overrride all controls over security, it’s possible if you define a workspace in a web directly accessible dir, but then consider that all the files placed there will be publicly accessible

I know this is an old thread, but I need to figure out how to share direct links to picture files. I want to use Pydio as an image hosting server for me and my associates, but we need to share links to the images in forums etc, which require a link to the image itself. Obviously, the link should be copied from somewhere and pasted in the forums, so it has to exist somewhere in the share part of the right column.

Can that be done with Pydio? And if so, how?

P.S.: Pydio is installed in a Centos server.