Direct link to pictures

Some time ago, I tried Pydio and run into a problem. It is described in this link:

After some time, I’ve managed to have a new server with Pydio 8 installed (as it was suggested in the old discussion), only to face the same problem. In other words, when I copy the share URL of a picture I’ve uploaded, I get something in the form of:

Which can not be used in a forums post, to show the uploaded picture in it. I need something like:

where mypicture.jpg is the name of the picture I have uploaded. How can I achieve that???

If so, please provide concrete instructions, so I can give them to my sysadmin to implement.

Many thanks!

P.S.: Yes, I have checked this thread this thread, which asks the same question more or less, but it contains no specific instructions that I can understand. Help will be greatly appreciated.

Come on, no one can provide an answer to this question? No one is using Pydio as an image sharing server?!?!?!

Unfortunately, a shared object (an image in this case) can’t be accessible directly throw url :frowning:

OK, thanks! I guess that’s it with Pydio. I need to find something else!