Sharing Confusion

Version 8.01

I currently have sharing globally disabled. We just don’t want the option for most users.

Question: I do have a case where I need to create some new workspaces where they want sharing enabled.

What is the best way to implement and maintain these two different approaches to sharing? I know I can add sharing to a role, but there are a boatload of sharing options when you look and it isn’t clear what is what (I guess the same could be same for disabling as well! lol).

I guess since we have the existing users locked down, what is the best way to manage this?

btw, we use CAS so I am assuming that all users will need to be in our authentication server?


Hi there,
let me resume quickly what you asked , so basically you disabled the global sharing feature but you want it to be enabled on some workspaces if that’s right what i can advise you is to create a role, edit it go to Customize Parameters > Per-workspaces parameters choose the workspaces that you want to have the sharing feature click on the + then search for Enable Sharing Features and you can enable it ( in case that is a inheritied property you can override it).


So the dozen or so other smaller font/type parameters help tweak some of the sub features then? (btw, are you an employee or just a user like the rest of us, curious)

yes, lets take your picture as an example, the bold title action.share means it’s targeting actions around sharing(pretty straightforward) and those below are the parameters/actions that you want precisely to either enable/disable or set to a precise value.