Users can't share

I have upgraded from 6.x to 8 and have lost the ability for my users to create shares.
The “Share” function is missing in the GUI.
It is available for the administrator and I can create shares but they don’t work (I simply get “file not found” when I go to a newly created share).
I have been trying to get this sorted from all of the other posts in the past but I just can’t seem to figure it out.
Can you help?

Try to install apcu extension and active cache ?!

How would caching help functions not being shown in the GUI and fix “file not found” pages?

Any other thoughts?
I really need some help here!
I have multiple users on my back.


Did you enable cache ?

Ok, first thing to check: did you enable RewriteRule in your Apache, and have a correct .htaccess ? Please check first