Sharing a cell via public link twice with different permissions

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This is using latest cells V2.2.2

I’m participating in a community arts project and would like to see if the following is possible.

I’d like to set up a cell shared by public link that I can send to project participants to use to upload their image submissions. That’s easy enough. However how would I go about simultaneously sharing the same cell by public link in a read only fashion too?

The idea is to give participants an easy way to share the files with friends while only allowing those participating to actually upload.

I’d rather not set up users for every one of them, just have one upload link to be kept among the participants and another that they can freely give out to others without risking the usual problems that arise once the wider public is given a place to freely upload images!

Any thoughts? The interface does not seem to allow the creation of another share once a cell has been shared.



To do exactly what you’re trying to do, the only way is to have on one side a Cell with the participants entered manually (or one “fake” user shared by all participants) and having read and write access, and on the other side a public link with read only access. Participant would need to login with their created user to upload their file, and everybody could view it via the public link.

But if you want to go around the one public link only “restriction”, you could have two folders parent / child. The parent folder having read / write access and the child folder having read access. Participants would have the public link to the parent folder and would just need to make sure to drop their file to the child folder. Note that everybody with the address to the public link would have access to the read / write folder, so not exactly safe.

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