Is 'share a folder with only the "upload" option set' available in 'Home' version or requires enterprise?

I have not yet installed or tried the ‘Home’ version and I wanted to know regarding I see in doc Pydio | Sharing Features
“Worth noting, you can share a folder with only the “upload” option set, providing a blind dropping box to collect files from external users.”

I read a similar recent thread here Public Upload with Name where the original poster had a more complicated feature request based on using “upload” only share permissions and bsinou responded it was only available to enterprise version.

Can anyone clarify is this link permissions “Upload files” without permitting preview and not permitting download possible in home version?

Thank you

This is totally doable with the Home Distribution, e.g.:

  • create a folder
  • share it, e.g. enable public link
  • in share edition popup, open the “permission” section
  • check upload, uncheck view and download
  • you might want to choose “Drop file here layout” in the Link Label section

A few warnings yet:

  • I just noticed a glitch (a small error message appears when a end-user opens the link for the first time)
  • we do not use this very often because it is kind of disturbing for the end-user: the file disappears as soon as it is uploaded: some users tend to re-upload the files because they cannot see what they have just uploaded.
  • we have much more powerful and advanced workflows using Cells flows and smart forms but you indeed require a license to use them

But don’t hesitate to try this and give some feedback.


I appreciate you mentioning the warnings, the behavior that the file disappears which for some users may be confusing (perhaps in future software updates your system can recognize this type of share page and display information to the user that this disappearing behavior is normal and expected?), and also the “more powerful and advanced workflows using Cells flows and smart forms”.

When time permits I will try to also evaluate the licensed version and explore the other workflow features and paying for them in future when our operations matures.

Thank you


For the record, we have put some effort to improve this for the next release (4.4) and a release candidate is out.
If you could give a glance and let you know what you think, it is the right moment !

You can update via the dev channel in the “upgrade page” of the admin console or retrieve the correct binary here: Index of /pub/cells/release/4.4.0-rc1

  • the glitch is fixed
  • we have reworked the layout and hint message so that it is much clearer for the end-user, we hope it is enough like this.

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