Can I add a qnap nas folder as data source?

Hi, I’ve done a clean install on my windows server and tried to add a nas folder as data source, but it seems to not recognize network share… is this possible? What I have to do? Thanks

Read this: Mount smb/cifs as datasource does not work in v4.2.2

Ok thanks, I’ll try. But if in future I update pydio I’ll lose the edit right?
@charles to answer your question in that topic I think pydio should be capable of handling nas shared folder, totally. It should be a very common use for a file manager.

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I followed your instructions but I got stuck at make && cp -p cells /opt/pydio/bin, the command is not recognized. I’m on windows power shell. Can you help me?

I am not familiar with power shell.
Just run make and copy the generated Cells binary to the directory where the Pydio executable is located.

Ok I did that, and now to have it running as windows service what I have to do?
I once did the setup via the precompiled installer and it did all the stuff by himself

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