Send email to all people in same folder if something has uploaded something not working

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This is my first entry and I hope I do everything correctly.

I want to send an email to everyone in a workspace when someone uploads a file/folder into it. I heard that this was working in earlier versions but in pydio 8.2.2 I can’t get it running.

What I have done so far: I tried with the plugin PHPMailer-lite but I want to send my mails from my own SMTP address. So I looked into it and found the plugin phpmailer-smtp on Github ( and configured everything from my SMTP address. In the “People”-Settings it says on every user in the “Per-workspace parameter”-settings it says that they should get notifications by email every 5 min. In my opinion this means that they get a notification if something’s changed in that workspace. Am I right with this?
Anyway, it didn’t work. The script is never running (testet it with a file_put_contents in the script). In the database there are no emails in the ajxp_mail_sent table and I received no errors in the PHP logs or the logs in the database.
Also I set the debug parameters AJXP_CLIENT_DEBUG and AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG in the config file bootstrap_context.php to true. Where can I find the output?

I’m running pydio on a plesk server (centos), pydio version 8.2.2

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when you enable the debug mod,
you can either find the stack on the web browser console(AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG).

For the automation of the mailing process you can use for instance the scheduler (if you have configured the mailer and it works ) then create a cron job choose which workspace you wish to have the feature on and you should be good to go.

mmm to do that you just need each user to put a watch on a file/folder and if they have enabled the mail notification (assuming that your mailer works) they will get notified on the activites on it.