Selection lang in login without propagation

When I did login in Cells, I selected “Português do Brasil”. Following the login, when entered in main page, all are in english.

Have some way to select the lang in login and it propagate for all environment in next step?

In time, my browser is configured to see in pt-BR first, but the system don’t follow this configuration.

No, Not really.

  • As an admin, you can define the default language for all your users, each of them can then override this setting for herself
  • As a user, you might change the language of the login page, but this is unbound from your user language that you can define via the “Edit my Account” menu.
  • Language while browsing is chosen in the user prefs (see above) not taken from the browser

Hi @bsinou


I saw all options above, but isn’t the best way, IMHO. So, this is my suggestion for Pydio. I will post an issue in github with this suggestion.