Taking browser language into account

Hello everyone,

I’m running Pydio Community on CentOS 7 x86_64(up to date at the point of writing).

Things are working quite nicely, However, I’m having an issue with language selection. When accessing my installation, Pydio seems to be using whatever language is set as the default server language, which happens to be german in my case.
Users can still override that selection inside their profile, which is working nicely as well. However, files shared via links will include the selected language, so the UI will display in whatever language the user selected during link generation.

This seems to be the intended behaviour. However, I would like to take the users’s language as transmitted via the Accept-Language HTTP header into account. Basically, whenever there is no running user session, Pydio should use a language sent via Accept-Language, as opposed to it’s default language. Is there any way to achieve that?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Ryoko
This currently not managed by the app. Would you be willing to hack and provide a pull request?
FYI, the links are generated with a language code that people can “manually” change before sending: you can see urls like yourpydio.com/public/xxxxxx-de, you can change the “de” to e.g. “fr” or “en”.