Searching users by name instead of ID


I need to be able to search for users of a particular group, by Name rather than by ID, because the ID is a randomly generated string.

I read something about the LDAP server … but I do not know what it is!

Someone can help me?

Can anyone help me?


could you tell me how or where you want to search the users and also if did get that right, you want to get users of a specific group right ?

Hi zayn,
you’re right, I explained myself badly.

I need to search users, simply by the search field:


Into users list, from “Dashboard - Users & Groups”

I’m kinda confused because even if you want to search for users by a group you just have to select the group and a list will be displayed showing user of that group.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific user you can search for his name and he will be displayed. You should not be needing an id to do a search. (if that’s your case could you show me a screen shot).

these are the steps.

  1. Search for fullname (PIAGGIO):

  2. No result:

1a) Searching for login ID of PIAGGIO user:

2a) User found:

and those users are from an ldap ?

No no, I’m using db authentication and users are created using api

could you show me an example of the command for the creation, i believe that they are lacking a custom user id.

edit : screenshot

This is another mine topic that show the command:

The ID is correct, is a string randomly generated by our system.

yeah as i was suspecting it, with the command there seems to be no custom user id ( that usually is the user’s name, when created with the web interface) i will see if there’s a command that could help with that, otherwise all the current users that you have are going to be only searchable by id.

edit : by all the current users i meant the ones that were created with the command.

never mind i tried using the command that you used in the previous post<username>/<password>
and when i looked at the web interface i saw the id being the name so it’s not the issue.

Supposing to create a new user with the web interface, I can decide to put into user login field “developer_123”:

Than, editing the information, I can put the real user full name eg. “Jhon Doe”:

Now the search result give me this user only if I use “developer_123” as research string, instead of “Jhon”…:

yes, because the user id cannot be modified.

when you create a user, the login that you give is the one that will be used for the user id.

The Namefield is useful when you are using the address book because it will display the name and not the login.
Otherwise, you can create a user and give him the login ( user id ) that you want for your search and then change it’s display name afterward.