Advice on using LDAP groups within Pydio [Resolved]

I’m running Pydio Enterprise v8.0.2 (trial license)
Debian 8.10
Apache 2.4.10
MySQL 5.5.58
Php 5.6

I’ve got Pydio talking with my Active Directory but want to limit my AD users access to Pydio just to members of a specific AD group (around 50 users out of 2000). At the minute, it’s trying to pull all my users.
Under the Groups Schema, I’ve added the DN of the OU where the AD groups are (only the Pydio groups in that OU) and then added an LDAP Group Filter using the cn of the specific group. It’s still pulling in more users than it should be.
I’ve missed something somewhere on the config but can’t work out what.

Could someone also advise if it is possible to map AD group membership to membership of Pydio groups & workspaces? I’d like to just be able to drop a user into an AD group and they can logon and access the right workspaces.

If someone has links that explain/ demo setting this up other than the Wiki, or can offer any advice then it would be greatly appreciated.


do you mind showing me the filter used.

I’ve resolve the issue now Zayn, I’d got a typo in my filter sintax