Auth with a LDAP specific group

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I installed Pydio 8 on an VM (ubuntu server 16.04) and everything is working well. Here is my basic config, with that i can log via the AD with no problems.

(Yes sorry this is french, though easy to understand as this is the user auth window — btw WORKGROUP is the name of my domain, dont ask why :laughing: ).

Now i want the authenticating to be done trough a specific group of the AD. The name of this group could simply be ‘Pydio’. I tried everything, but users in that group cant be found when i test the connection.

I added (memberOf=Pydio) in the user auth window, tried to config the group scheme, attribute mapping etc. Pydio still cant find the user.

Im pretty sure the solution is very simple, but i cant find it. Any help please ?

Thank you :wink:

Hi! and welcome on the new forums :slight_smile:
Let’s ask @c12simple to help on that, he is our ldap-master!


You can do by Filter LDAP. However, memberOf is specific attribute in ldap search string that you should use dN of group instead of group name:
for example:

Filter LDAP: (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=pydio,DC=WORKGROUP))
That means: get all users who is member of “pydio” group

Thank you for your answer :wink:

I tried that, but it still doesnt work ‘can connect but cant find the user’ (i checked again that the user was in the right group of course).

Tried two things:


and also with user DN info (DC=WORKGROUP).

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You should specify the DN by clicking on +
for example DC=WORKGROUP

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Unfortunetaly i already tried that also, i dont understand whats going on.

Please post all config of this plugins


This is the only config done (second image in next post):

Thank you again :grinning:

pydio 8


DN des utilisateur : DC=WORKGROUP (not DN=WORKGROUP)

My bad i wanted to wrote DC=WORKGROUP, but it still not working.

Is bibi a memberof pydio group ?

Yes he is, i checked that so many times…:grinning:

I use the ‘public’ version of Pydio, not the enterprise one. Does it matter ?