Pydio core ldap auth local group assign


iam running a test installation of pydio-core-8.2.3 (ce), i managed to configure ldap for authentication backend, login works, all fine. Now i wanted to use the groups feature, might be handy - i cant find a way to assign a user to a group, the creation of a group seems to trigger the creation of a role and this role gets assigned to the user, but i cant see this role in the assignable list of roles in the user details. The only working way i discovered so far is to use ‘cmd.php -u* -a=user_update_group -p* -r=ajxp_conf --file= --group_path=/all’, but how do i manage this in the frontend? And how does this work when the user didnt login yet because the database entry in the table ajxp_users only gets created at login and there the groupPath is stored, didnt find any other location where a connection to groups is made. It doesnt seem to matter if the users are local or in ldap.
Maybe someone can shed some light onto this.

Do you mean the assignment of ldap groups to user in Pydio or just groups in Pydio ?

HI c12simple, thx for the response - i mean local groups in pydio, got no groups in ldap for now.

From admin console, you can just drag & drop user into a group :slight_smile:

Hi c12simple,
thats propably the way to do it, thx - but does not work when the ldap user has not logged in yet, despite pydio is replying with a success message… but thats ok, i am gonna manipulate the database to my needs :wink:

Hi, listing all pages of users will trigger the creation of ldap user in Pydio.
You can also use a command in cli, there are threads in this forum where you can find out the command format.

mh can u expand on “listing all pages of users”, what menu are you talking about? Settings->People does not trigger an entry in the ajxp_users table, opening the users profile does it nether…


User ldap is loaded in memory, it does not create user in ajxp_users. However, others infos such as role are created.

Yes, it is

There is an option in “Secondary Auth” >> cache master in slave. If this option is set, users will be saved in DB, but it’s deprecated