S3 Storage on Cells - Can't connect to Scaleway (missing region)

Im Trying to add an S3 Compatible Object Storage from scaleway.com - to my freshly installed and latest Cells Server on Cent OS 7.4 - but the S3 connection won’t work.

I think that because the region is not specified. How do I specify it ? There is no option in the interface for it.

scaleway endpoint:


Anyone ?
How to connect the S3-Compatible Storage (from Scaleway) specifying the region
Server: “Cells Home 1.2.5” on Cent OS 7.4.

The standard way through web-interface doesn’t allow to specify the region, which might be the reason of ERROR “Cannot connect to storage” on backend.

could you tell me what fields did you use on the web interface to make the connection?

Thank you for replying. Please check the attached screenshots.
My steps were : add the Data Source, then the workspace. When adding the workspace there is a loading icon constantly loading but the storage still remains unusable.
Datasource add:

These errors I see on backend when I SSH to server and start the pydio

ERROR   pydio.grpc.data.sync.***        Could not run   {"error": "objects not reachable"}
ERROR   Could not find DataSource ***   {"currentSources": ["cellsdata", "personal", "pydiods1"]}
ERROR   pydio.rest.tree Rest Error 404  {"error": "Could not find DataSource ***"}

Just to note: my Scaleway Bucket is accessible, Api key/secret is fine, connection to bucket works fine, >> checked it with direct connection aws-cli and other clients.

On Scaleway advised to connect through https … so I tried that, but tried to connect without too, and tried with specifying the port. My guess is that the unspecified region " nl-ams" is the problem.
Here is an old Tutorial released by Scaleway for how to connect to old pydio server. But for “Pydio Cells” is not relevant…

On scaleway the connection details for object storage are:
endpoint: s3.nl-ams.scw.cloud
region: nl-ams

Here is the workspace screen (selecting that Scaleway datasource):

yeah your settings seem to be right,
i"ll ask around if theres something possible to do, (maybe add the region manually).

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sorry if did not attend your issue,
for the moment i could not test with scaleway (we don’t have a bucket on that platform).

I’m experiencing the same issue. When I run netstat in the container there is no port 9001 active.

 Error while listing     {"error": "Get dial tcp connect: connection refused"}

Hello @Vincent_Van_der_Kuss,

Could you list me your complete setup:

  • Software versions
  • What you want to do
  • And the context of your error