[s3io] MissingRegion: could not find region configuration

Since today Pydio Booster throws an error by uploading to an S3 storage:

[s3io] MissingRegion: could not find region configuration
ERROR 2018/04/03 15:21:13.944153 [worker] Worker's job failed: io: read/write on closed pipe

Latest Pydio, latest Pydio Booster 1.2.0.

S3 Storage is properly configured, inclusive Region (EU Ireland).

What could this be?

if you cannot find the region do as the following to add it :

it’s possible to add regions you have to look at this file plugins/access.s3/manifest.xml there will be a list that looks like the following “key|label,key2|label2, etc…”
you will have to add something that looks like this “canada|Canada”.

Thank you! Unfortunately, that’s not the solution yet. We can choose “EU (Irland)” but the message still appears. Must be something else (?)

Found entries in the database table ajxp_repo_options with this string in an Blob: “eu-west-1” This is “EU Irland”. It seems that Pydio Booster is not going to be informed about the region?