Restrict Desktop Sync access - what does it mean?

i saw the enterprise feature list and i saw this line:

  • Restrict Desktop Sync access

It mean that possible to add a password or something the desktop sync client (on windows maybe)?

It is the feature that we would like to use it!

The IT support are set the synced folders, but we dont want that the user access this settings…

Hello @Norbert_Suto and welcome in our community.


Restrict Desktop Sync Access

Refers to the possibility we have in the Enterprise Distribution to define on the server side if a given workspace can be used as a target when a user defined a synchronisation task on her desktop via the Cells Sync Client,

By default, sync is only enabled on the “My Files” workspace.
In the Enterprise Ed. you can choose e.g. to also enable and / or prevent sync in other workspaces.

I think that is not what you are trying to do, but I haven’t fully understood your use case.
Can you please give more details so that we can find a solution ?