Restore consistency after losing storage LUN


We’ve lost Pydio’s storage disk due to a HW issue. Unfortunately, there is no backup for the data nor a snapshot from where we could restore the data to a previous moment, so it’s assumed data got lost permanently.

As you can guess, now there are a lot of entries in database pointing to files which don’t exist. From user’s GUI standpoint, different errors are showing up like:

  • When clicking old files from activity history:
    “There was a problem trying to open folder pydio://<PATH_TO_FILE>, please check with your
  • Randomly, when browsing through GUI after no particular action:
    "Network error Cannot read properties of null (reading “indexOf”)
  1. Is there any tested procedure to “purge” Pydio for this scenarios? Any idea? We wouldn’t want to reinstall it from scratch, as it is still working again for final users with new data.
  2. If the above is not possible:
    - How could we clean user activity/history so that they don’t show up?
    - Is it possible to get rid of message posted above “Network error…”. It is bothering and
    affects to all current users.

Pydio version is 8.0.1, running CentOS 7.9.2009.

Thanks in advance! Kind regards,

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