Requesting support for .heic images

Images in .heic format are not viewable, however same image uploaded in .jpeg works great.

Is it too much trouble to add support for .heic files?

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I was doing some research and found something that might help.

Hope you can consider this request please. Thanks so much!

@Charles @bsinou

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Two other options:

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Hello @Charles @bsinou

Any thoughts on adding HEIC support to Pydio? HEIC has lately become a de facto standard for images and would be nice for Pydio to be able to preview images in this format as opposed to treating them as unrecognized files.

I am not a full on developer but would be happy to contribute. If you could give me some tips on how to get started, I’m inclined to write some code myself.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Best regards

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we quickly discussed this and this has been added to the “wish list”: it might be done in the future… but in an open-source way; that is, it will be ready when it will be ready: we cannot promise anything in term of delay.

That said, we might have a closer look in September in the code to roughly estimate the load and see if you might help us in any way.

Until then, thanks for the feedback and happy file sharing.


Thanks @bsinou for considering it. I’ll be happy to help once you know more details in September.

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One wonders if a kind open-source contributor would be available to make this change :slight_smile: and submit it as a PR…

Better still, use a more generic approach that handles many more formats :slight_smile:

Not having taken a look at that part of the code, I wonder if such a support is actually not directly provided by Go itself, but rather by the JavaScript rendering scripts in the front-end (at which I never glimpsed). AFAIK, Cells is sort of format-agnostic, at the lower (= disk) levels.

Also consider the following use-case: Failed to find exif intro marker - #8 by Alexander_F

That’s a good reason for having ‘native’ support for HEIC in Pydio Cells :wink:

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