Failed to find exif intro marker


When i upload photos made with an iOS device the thumbnails are not created and the file gets corrupted when i want to view it with a web browser afterwards.

The error is:
“errorVerbose”: “image: unknown format\ncellsdata/user/medienhaus/Fotos/user/2023-04-21_06-41-24.jpg\*ThumbnailExtractor).resize\n\\*ThumbnailExtractor).Run\n\\*Runnable).RunAction\n\\*Runnable).dispatchChildAction.func1.2\n\\\n\\nruntime.goexit\n\truntime/asm_amd64.s:1594”


@bsinou Any ideas per chance? :sweat_smile:

No, not really.
I’ve talked with the team and there might be a glitch with the exif that is produced by your phone while taking pictures.
Is it systematic ?
Could you try uploading from your phone pictures with exif that you get from another source?

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You mean i should create a photo from an android device and upload it then via an iphone?

Something like that, or more generally, just try to upload an image that you get from someone else (e.g via a messaging app) that has not been taken on a similar i-phone (any device that add Exif Data to the picture would do the trick)…

Yeah this seems to be a bug with iOS devices uploading photos. I have made 2 photos with an iPhone, have sent one to my android device via mail and uploaded it from there, it got the thumbnail created immediately and opened normally.

When i uploaded the second photo made via an iPhone and uploaded through the iPhone there is no thumbnail creation and when i open the photo it takes a much longer time as it seems to process the photo.


Maybe the iOS app is directly uploading the HEIC format instead of JPG. Can you maybe temporarily force your iphone to save pictures in jpeg and retry? (see change heic to jpg iphone - Google Search)

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That was a good suggestion, i switched inside the camera settings “Formats” now from High Efficiency to Maximum Compatibility and when i do a photo now and upload it via pydio app, or just create a photo inside the pydio app it uploads it and sets the thumbnail correctly.

So even when set to High Efficiency and it should create a HEIC and i want to upload it, in pydio its converting it to JPG and errors out on the Thumbnail, but when set to Most Compatible and i do it again it does not need to convert it from HEIC to JPG and it gets done correctly.

So pydio needs a HEIC/HEVC filter? :wink:

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