Remove orphaned repositories and files

Ubuntu 16.04, Pydio core 8.2.5

When the server was set up it was setup so that people on site could access the same files using a Windows share. This has had the consequence that as files are removed via SMB it’s not picked up from within Pydio. As a consequence the logs simply fill up with repeated errors of “parent cannot be loaded”. Manually deleting a few from the ajxp_repo table removes them from the log output.

Two questions. First is there an automatic way of deleting these stale entries from the repo table?

Secondly, is there a way of getting Pydio to watch the file system for adds and deletes?


Solved both as follows

  1. Noticed that exactly half the ajxp_repo table had one parent_uuid and the other half a different one. Only two distinct parent_uuids The bottom half’s parent UUID was the same as the document root’s UUID while the top half didn’t point at anything. I replaced the top half’s parent_uuid with that of the bottom half and all to errors went away. Simple, why didn’t somebody suggest that! I guess it’s a voyage of discovery - wax on, wax off…

  2. by forcing SMB daemon to write files as user and group www-data regardless of who is actually writing the file