Pydio core and SMB shares

Ubuntu 16.04, Pydio 8.2.5

When our server was set up the directory that Pydio uses as it’s document root was also setup as a Windows SMB share and even an NFS mount point. This was to allow everyone in the office to be able to locally mount the server as a directory which the could be copied to and from without concern for Pydio.

Every Windows SMB user was attached using the same user credentials. I don’t know what the original permissions were when the document root directory was set up but every file seems to owned by this SMB user. This means that some operations fail as Pydio is user www-data.

I have been setting large sections as universal read/write/execute to overcome this, but this doesn’t feel right.

Is there a way of setting Pydio up correctly so that its document root / repositories can be correctly shared with SMB and NFS?


Please visit this link for a brief view of pydio workspaces:

This link for authentication with ldap

@c12simple many thanks for the links, I’ll take a look. As everyone is working from home I’ve reset the entire server’s ownership to www-data.www-data. It was also missing a couple of tables, ajxp_index and ajxp_changes, which, while empty, seem to be necessary for some operations, e.g. unzipping files. The SMB mounts won’t become an issue for a while so I’ve time to examine the links. So far I’ve had no further complaints about permissions and the like.

@c12simple - thanks again for the links. Our issues is not talking from Pydio to another server. It’s that the Windows users have been setup to have local mounts that mount the network drive as a letter (Z:) and the share point to be the document root of Pydio. Every user logs in to the server mount as the same user, yes really, and every time they edit or create new documents it gets assigned to the SMB user rather than www-data. I’ve made the default group of the SMB user to be www-data. I don’t think that’s the solution and it’s possible no one will be able to correctly access server files using SMB once we get back in to the office