Dummies guide to purging stale parents needed in Pydio core 8

Pydio 8.2.5 core, Ubuntu 18.04

Our logs are full of messages like “Disabling repository foo as parent cannot be correctly loaded”, so many that we struggle to find other more helpful logs. It appears the message gets generated for files and directories deleted without Pydios knowledge.

Is there a way of purging these unreachable / deleted parent nodes? Or at least switching the diagnostic off without loosing other log output?

I think the issue may be the ajxp_repo table and indexing crashing out. All the offending repos are in the ajxp_repo table. Removing some of them removes the corresponding error line in the logs. However, doing this too much kills Pydio.

Is Indexing supposed to prune these un-parented repos out. Is there a way of doing this as we can’t see the wood from the trees sifting through hundreds of log lines looking for the real errors.