[Question] Cells session times out while playing audio

Inclusion of flac audio playback made possible to use Cells as a “music sever” of sorts, but the session time-out is too short to be used in this case.
Would it be possible to extend session time while playing audio album so that session would not time-out until the album is finished?
Alternatively, I’d like to extend session time-out duration instance-wide, but I see no option for controlling this.


You can set the client timeout via the command line

./cells admin config set "#/frontend/plugin/gui.ajax" CLIENT_TIMEOUT 1440
./cells admin config set "#/frontend/plugin/gui.ajax" CLIENT_TIMEOUT_WARN 1380

The CLIENT_TIMEOUT_WARN value controls when the popup box appears before logging you out for inactivity. The CLIENT_TIMEOUT value controls the actual timeout.

You can set any duration you want as long (in minutes).

Enjoy the music :slight_smile:

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Interesting question…
I thought cells was based on websockets (also for auth renewal), isn’t it?
I use cells from my car to listen my favorite music, from my home of course: the experience is not perfect because sometimes cells stops playing the next track, sometimes not. I’m try to figure out why… :confused:

Hi, the renewal of authentication tokens is done via xhr requests.

We’re more than happy to take in suggestions to improve your experience listening to music with cells. Any awesome player you know of that could be a great addition ?

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