Cells 3.0 hard timeout less than 10 minutes

I just installed Cells 3.0 on proxmox lxc with this docs, but I have a problem with timeout. I am disconnected (in admin or in user) after about 10 minutes even if I am active on the interface.
In extensions, plugin client, I increased the timeout to 6000 (to test) and it doesn’t matter. The server date is good. And in the logs at the time of disconnection I have :

│2021-11-05T19:33:55.608+0100   ERROR   pydio.rest.frontend     Rest Error 401  {"error": "No refresh token"}
││2021-11-05T19:33:55.622+0100   ERROR   pydio.rest.jobs Policies blocked POST request at /jobs/user. Response: DefaultDeny:true      

I searched the forum but I did not find anything similar. Do you have any idea ?
Thank you so much.


Hello, I changed the port https from 443 to 8443 and it’s good. I don’t know why, but it works.

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