PydioSync 1.29 stopped working after 8.0.2 upgrade (agent issue)

As soon as I updated the server version to 8.0.2, the PydioClient (Windows, 1.2.9) stopped working. It works until the “Launch the Rocket” phase, then it silently crashes whenever I try to launch the synchronization or the re-synch command.

Here’s the relevant log file contents (pydio.log):

2018-03-29 20:12:54 ERROR 19344 Dummy-1 logging : 1198 | exception | Internal Error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\”, line 1475, in full_dispatch_request
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\”, line 1461, in dispatch_request
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\flask_restful”, line 397, in wrapper
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\flask.views”, line 84, in view
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\flask_restful”, line 487, in dispatch_request
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\pydio.ui.web_api”, line 90, in decorated
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\pydio.ui.web_api”, line 494, in post
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\pydio.job.scheduler”, line 118, in enable_job
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\pydio.job.scheduler”, line 79, in start_from_config
File “C:\BuildAgent\work\a00136d723583ad3\build\pydio-agent\out01-PYZ.pyz\pydio.job.continous_merger”, line 144, in init
KeyError: ‘includes’

Please also notice that:

  • All the client sync options are left at default (the sync worked before the 8.0.2 upgrade)
  • The same identical configuration works on another machine (also with Windows10 and PydioSync 1.2.9)

i will see if i can find why it doesn’t work, which is kinda weird because you said that with the same setup (w10) on another machine it does work well.

Hi Darseal,

Do you still have issues with the sync client?

Please download and try the Windows Update and let us know if it helps: