Access to SMB shares from Windows

First off, I understand that Pydio on Windows isn’t the preferred option; it just is for us.

We are running Pydio 8.22, php 7.22.

Everything seems to be in order in terms of logins with LDAP; but our Workspaces are SMB shares (NAS-based with NTFS permissions).

I’ve seen mixed feedback in terms of what’s supported and if it is, how to make it work.
Does anyone have any input on this?

We’ve tried both File-workspace (using UNC path) - this gives us access to the shares, but we can’t upload. That only gives a ‘empty response’ message. We can create folders though, but it seems they are created with the machine account as owner, so that’s a bit off obviously.
If we try Samba, the Workspace just comes up blank with no error message.

Any help would be welcome.

Pydio on windows does not support smb shares.
However you can use this old version of smbclient for windows:

Then specify abs path for smbclient in configuration of access.smb plugins.

We actually ended up working around it with symlinks and file-workspace. Works like a charm. Only drawback is that the computer account is set as owner of the files, but that’s no problem for us.