SMB connection to existing server with credentials of current user


Is there a possibility to connect to a existing SMB-share without the need to mount it on system level?
Like the old v8 plugin: Http-ize your regular Windows file server with Pydio | Pydio

It doesn’t need alle the features from a local file system (indexing, previews, …), or at least configurable, so that every user could connect to the share to those he has permission. So you can simply copy/view/delete/edit files under the correct user. Also when on docker you always have to mount the shares manually.

Thank you.

Hi @aouuwoe , thanks for posting.
Unfortunately there is no such feature. Internal architecture is very different from P8, and actually the P8 implementation was not that great in terms of security.


Thank you for the explanation. Thought it would be common/easy because Nextcloud and Owncloud have this implemented. So maybe I will have to install filestash or filecloud next to Pydio for this functionality.

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