Pydio Cells re-indexation error

Hello every one!
Recentl i restart my pydio cells and i got this error:

2019-07-16T13:56:01.477Z ERROR service started but could not contact Job service to trigger re-indexation

I see i have a file named store, who are located on cells/.config/pydio/cells/services/
I move this file to another location, cause he weighed arround 20 Gbs, when i see problems for this action i move the store file to the original location, but the problems perssit…
Someone knows what i can do to solve it?

Thanks again for all your help!

I found this on my cells log

2019-07-16T14:33:45.626Z INFO pydio.gateway.proxy Restart done
not found
not found
not found
not found
not found

And if i try re-sync all with cells-ctl i got this

./cells-ctl data sync
Resync Failed: {“id”:“go.micro.client”,“code”:500,“detail”:“none available”,“status”:“Internal Server Error”}
[Time taken : 102.151358ms]


to re index with the ctl you must type this command:

./cells-ctl data sync

To bump on that one regarding the 20GB store file, is your Cells installed since the very beginning? That’s something we have fixed around 1.2 or 1.4 I think, but it required a manual migration to unload this file (stored too many thing in BoltDB). Just FYI.