Pydio Cells error with syncronization

I have made a fresh installation on Ubuntu 18.04, using MariaDB 10.3, followed all the steps with nodejs, grunt, go 1.12, database user pydio granted all rights, but when it comes to launch up ./cells start it complains the following:

2020-10-06T03:31:20.572-0600 INFO pydio.gateway.proxy Restart done
2020-10-06T03:31:23.446-0600 ERROR Could not run {“error”: “index not reachable”}
2020-10-06T03:31:23.446-0600 INFO stopping
2020-10-06T03:31:23.446-0600 INFO Stopping sync task and registry watch
2020-10-06T03:31:23.653-0600 ERROR Could not run {“error”: “index not reachable”}
2020-10-06T03:31:23.653-0600 INFO stopping
2020-10-06T03:31:23.653-0600 INFO Stopping sync task and registry watch
2020-10-06T03:31:23.739-0600 ERROR Could not run {“error”: “index not reachable”}

What can I do?


Nevermind, it seems to be an issue related to the folder user access

I did chmod -R 777 to ~/.config/pydio and everything seems to be working now.

If you know other reason this might be happening it would be good to know it for sure or the actual reason, I’m not sure if there should be a dedicated pydio user to access data, read from older documents it seemed to be the way for installing and running.

Hello and welcome, @Victor_Lopez

Exactly the user running the process ./cells start must also be the same and have rights to access the /home/<username/.config/pydio folder.

Indeed it is a good practice to have a dedicated user when running Cells, combined with systemd it will make it easier for you to run and restart your Cells.

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