Pydio Cells issues - Certificate TSL/SSL

The thing is that I wanna access my Pydio Cells from outside, when I go to ‘’ I want to forward ports to ‘ Pydio Cells)’.
When there is no certificates, I can access it with out any issue.
When I generate a self-signed certificate I cannot port forward the Pydio Cells site, I got some message like this: ‘421 site is not served on this interface…’…
Also, when I try to use an autogenerated Let’s çEncrypt certificate I am unable to access Pydio Cells page (no portforward is done, trying to access from localhost). I got an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR **** error like, there is no ‘Continue anyway’ link above…
Could somebody help me pls? (sorry for my english, is not my born language)


this kind of setup are highly variable depending on the configuration of each “level” of the network.
It’s quite hard to diagnose a given issue with only part of an error message.

Even if the 421 site is not served on this interface… message usually points towrard a misconfigured bind address.

What we usually do to debug such setups is to proceed with iteration, for instance you could quickly install a caddy 2 server on your CentOS with a single page that is exposed via https to see if router and firewall are correctly configured.
Once this works it is then easier to find what is the misconfiguration in Cells if any.

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