[SOLVED] Pydio Cells no frontpage

Hey there,
I didn’t see any topic related so I’m sorry if there were.
After a successful installation of cells, I’m unable to access pydio app from local or internet; I’m getting a forbidden as if there was a misconfiguration even though I passed all steps.
No apache is running and I’m not having logs in cells/logs.
Php FPM is running.

Do I have additionnal configuration I have to do beside followings ./cells install steps ?
I would love to share any logs so you might guide me into force generating any…

I had the same problem when trying to configure Cells using a real world IP address.

Are there any errors in the logs when you start the services ? (./cells start)


Thanks for your replies @dwmccoy @ghecquet !
I had no error message during launch.

I finally sorted this out with this config:
“url”: “https://domain-name:443”,
“urlInternal”: “

Also, I had a certificate problem as it was expecting fullchain instead of cert file.

Everything if now working, thanks guys!