Setup security certificate on Pydio Cells running on Windows Server 2019?

Hello everyone,

I am new to Pydio Cells so please have some patience with me :blush:, I literally got Pydio up and running yesterday. I went with using it on my Windows Server mostly because I am just much more experienced with Windows Operating Systems and have had bad luck trying to set up other self-hosted cloud storage (Owncloud and Nextcloud) on Linux, I always seemed to hit snag after snag. I know that my ASUS router is encrypted with a Let’s Encrypt certificate and don’t know if that encrypts my Pydio Cells or not. I just know my Pydio Cells uses a self-signed certificate and shows “not secure” unlike my router WAN access. Is there a way to get a Let’s Encrypt or a different free/paid certificate on Pydio Cells using Windows so it accepts the connection as secure when accessing it on WAN? Or can I do it through the cells console in the browser? I am afraid I would break something if I google it or wing it so I will wait for the pros here to give me hand :smiley:! Any advice or help is much appreciated!

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Hi @guy,
Not very clear if you have a proxy in front of your Cells instance.
But basically you can use cells configure sites to change the TLS configuration of Cells web-facing endpoint. Here you can choose Let’s Encrypt, assuming you do have a proper domain name that points to the Cells instance.

No proxy has been setup. Not sure how to have my domain name point towards the cells instance? Is there a step by step that explains how to do that? Is that related to using IIS manager perhaps?

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