Pydio Cells : cannot delete files anymore


I’m running Pydio Cells on Centos 7.4 (on which I updated the ca-certificates package)

After having been away for a couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to delete files from any of a set of workspaces I configured. This fails and displays a popup with an error message, which is also generated in the log file :

AWS HTTP error: cURL error 60: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates {“FrontIp”: “_xxx.yyy.zzz.tt_t”, “UserId”: “foobar”, “WorkspaceId”: “0456d85068159a763d616009268fa7db”, “Source”: “StreamWrapper.php l.738”, “Nodes”: []}

Did anyone encounter the same issue, and managed to fix it ?

Many thanks for any clues for solving this problem.

So the php front cannot connect to the backend anymore, due to certificates issues. You may have to tweak the settings so that curl can find the correct certificates.
How did you configure cells for ssl exactly ?

Thank you for your reply Charles.

I did not change the configuration settings for the communication protocols, so I didn’t configure Cells for SSL. Moreover, as there is no system-wide PHP installation on the machine that is hosting Cells, there is no php.ini to customize. I checked in the cells installation directory tree, and the only php.ini file is located here :


which doesn’t look as a location that might globally be used by cells.

After further investigating, I suspect the problem might be related to the fact that Cells is served by a (Reverse)Proxy hosting several (non Cells related) domains, some of which have, since a couple of weeks, their own certificates and use SSL. But I’m still puzzled by the potential interference with the Cells front-end / back-end communicatons.