Cells-Client question

I’m trying to figure out how to transfer files to/from Cells. I currently have v1.6.1 installed. I installed cec on my personal machine and I’m trying to configure oauth, however, the link it tries to open is /myserver/oidc/oauth2/auth… and this address, as I understand it, is only valid for Cells v2. Can the cells-client still be used with v1 at all?


Hello, @scott.bentley,

Yes, you must run ./cec configure
it will ask you information and more importantly the Secret (which you can find in the ./config/pydio/cells/pydio.json` of your server.

@scott.bentley any reason why not upgrading to v2?

Thanks for the info Zayn. I tried using ./cec configure and when it runs I get the following error:

error cause: Post https://get2.hhangus.com/auth/dex/token: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I get this error regardless of selection for “Skip SSL Verification”. I’ve even tried just using http:// and still the same result.

Hi charles, I’m avoiding upgrading until at least v2.0.1 as there are always pains involved in major X.0 releases :wink:
The server is a production server so I can’t afford to just upgrade outside of a scheduled service window with backups ready to go if it fails.

i could not agree more :wink: