[Solved] Ssl Cells install on Ubuntu 18. Fails to parse private key

Hello. I cannot seem to get Cells to install using my ssl certificate. When I point the installer at the location points for the .key and .crt files (both located within the /home/pydio/.config/pydio directory), the installer throws up an error:

ERROR pydio.gateway.proxy Could not run {“error”: “:121 - Error during parsing: Unable to load certificate and key files for ‘https://mydomain:443’: tls: failed to parse private key”}

Anyone have a suggestion as to what to look for? The cert files are newly created (issued by ssls.com) and work just fine with apache2 on the same server (which I have disabled for the Cells install). Cells installs just fine if I use port 80 and disable SSL.

can you check the format of the cert / key files ? We have been testing succesfully many cases with existing ssl certificates. Generally the format is the same than for apache indeed.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I ended up creating a new key and having the cert reissued. This seems to have fixed the problem. Appreciate your help.