Cells on Ubuntu 20.04

I did try this install on Ubuntu 20.04,and having a cert issue with Let’s Encrypt or self signed. When configured without cert, the server works and I can pull up the page and login. Once configured with Cert, I generate an error in SSL protocol via browser access.
but beyond that I was having an issue with mapping the storage drive with permissions.

Hello @dagodad ,

Could you provide me the following information about your setup:

  • Do you have a valid domain ?
  • Do you have port 80 & 443 available (lets encrypt needs them to ask for a certificate)
  • Could you show the logs on your server, and browser if you have any.

Could you tell me what kind of issue did you encounter, if it is a regular setup we could diagnose this.

Valid domain: Yes
using ports 8080 and 443
logs are currently unavailable as the server has been burned.

When trying to use the SMB share, pydio was unable to communicate with the share. The share was mounted and added to fstab, but still unable to communicate with it.
I can spin up anther server and I can get back with that