Pydio 8 Fresh Install - Cannot Connect to SMB/CIFS

[Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64]

So I did a fresh install on Ubuntu 16.04 and cannot seem to connect to my samba shares on my FreeNAS box. This was working on my prior version (not sure which as I lost the VM when my SSD died).

Cannot seem to connect using “Set Credentials” or passing through via session. I can mount the share inside ubuntu itself so it does not appear to be a credential or connection issue. Any Ideas?

I should mention I have a separate instance running nextcloud and this worked straight away, but personally, prefer the pydio interface.

if you can mount your nextcloud on Pydio and not your samba it might be, either authorizations or security related settings on your ubuntu.

i have an update can you type which smbclient on your ubuntu then go to All Plugins > Availaible Plugins > Workspace Drivers > Samba then on the right of the line you will see a pen click on it now you can edit the plugin and add the path that you had on the command which it should be something like /usr/bin/smbclient.