Creating Storage in mixed environment

Installed Cells on Ubuntu 20.04, When I get to the point where to specify the install, I try to point to my SMB share.
It generates an error that It cannot access.
So I mounted the SMB share to /media and added to fstab to ensure that it mounts, go through the install again and get to the same point and try to point to the mnt and I still get access denied.
So I moved to a Windows server. That seems to work, but still generating a cert error.
Bottom line: I would like to get this on Ubuntu with the right perms to the mnt and the cert error remedied.
Any info would would be great.

ENV: Windows domain.
Server: ubuntu server 20.04 added to domain via realm
Storage: linux servers on domain with SMB share


This link may helps: [Solved] SMB Mount not working Pydio Cells 1.5.2

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