Pydio 8.0.1 continuous requests for captcha

Hello to all,
I work fine with Pydio 8.0.1 install on a Debian 8.9:

dpkg -l|grep pydio

ii pydio 8.0.1-3 all Build your own box on your own servers with Pydio
ii pydio-all 8.0.1-3 all Full installation of pydio
ii pydio-core 8.0.1-3 all Minimal installation of Pydio

But I have a problem when the user mistakes the password, the captcha code is rightly displayed, but even if the correct code is entered, it is impossible to proceed and a new code is requested.

Hi there,
could you try in private navigation on your browser and try to log again it the error persists you could look at Pydio’s log but first you’ll have to enable them.

Look for conf/bootstrap_context.php ( located in your /core/src/conf ).
Switch this line to true: define(“AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG” , true);

Thank you Zayn,
I have modified the /etc/pydio/bootstrap_context.php with the line:

define(“AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG” , true);

and reload the apache2 config.
I can not replicate the problem.
I have create a new share public link with password and a try to access it with a wrong password, but I can’t see the captcha code.
So for my user, who has urgent, I have:

  • I changed the password on the share
  • I cleared the cache on the browser
  • I closed the browser and I reopen it
  • I opened the share
  • I gave the new password and all work fine.

For the future, how can I reproduce the problem for captcha code?
In the log /var/log/pydio/ajxp_access.log I see nothing…



i do not know how you could reproduce it, but if it happens at any given time just try to enable the log as i said earlier and see what pydio tells you.You could also open your browser’s web console and see the events when you press enter after typing the captcha.

But yes it could"ve been just a cache problem, what i advise you to do whenever you encounter something like that is to open a private navigation window and try the same thing.