Could someone help me to resolve this error?thanks

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Since I installed Pydio on my VPS(Debian 9 x64), my users are not able to login anymore,The admin access is still not able to login,but the acount and password is correct!
The error message is “You have failed logging in for 3 times. For your security, please fill the code that appear in the image” even if its not the case for the user I try to grant access.
My install is in China
The pydio version

Could someone help me please ?

You could change admin password in the database:

A research in the web offers a lot of approaches to solve your problem.

Do you have access to the web server error log ?
Are you using mysql o postgres as database ?
In both cases do you have any direct access to the db ?

Thanks your reply,I have been reinstalled Pydio today,Now,it’s working well!

No,I don’t know how to access to the web server error log?I installwd pydio with lnmpv1.4_full .I can make sure i installed pydio step by step.but now i have been reinstalled it again,now it works well.thank your

you can access to Pydio’s log through the database there’s a table ajxp_log, you could also look at your webserver’s log if you’re on linux you can cat /var/log/apache2/error.log you can just autocomplete to find out.

Thanks ! i will try it when i have the erros again