[Solved]Problems with login

i have a problema with pydio community
i recently update to 8.0.2 and some users can not login
i use ldap authentication with microsoft active directory
when users will log in captcha always appears

could you clear Pydio’s cache by going to your Pydio install and use rm -f plugins_* and you can also do rm -f i18n/*, you can find the cache file in /data/cache.

hello thansk for you answer
i have a problem
the ldap the connection disappeared after i upgrade
when i set it up and test it returns me could not connect to server

could you show me some of the parameters that you’re using to make this ldap connection or how you map them.

i configure again and works great
username of connectcion use user@domain
after i set it up this parameter the configuration worked
you can close the post

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